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Mind These Unlikely Sources Of Information Before Home Buying

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Mind These Unlikely Sources Of Information Before Home Buying

Mind These Unlikely Sources of Information Before Home Buying(Shutterstock)

The information technology revolution laid its Midas Touch on every aspect of our life, property purchase included. Today, your smartphones are all you need to carry out a large part of the process. Additionally, you keep yourself updated with your daily dose of news to make sure you know all about the best home-loan offers, the most promising real estate areas, the exact location you have to reach to get your property registered. Basically, you are well covered to make an informed decision. However, there is only so much that these obvious sources of information tell you. To know the ground reality, quite literally, you will have to really depend on certain unlikely sources. Knowing that the project is good and the area is better and the amenities are mind-blowing may not be enough if you are going to spend the rest of your life in one place. Who are these unlikely sources that will have you take the right decision?

If you speak to someone, may be a colleague who already travels up and down from the locality, they would be in a better position to tell you what kind of traffic conditions prevail in that area. Certain areas are infamous for their eminent traffic snarls. You would not like to get stuck in an area like that, would you.  

It may seem like an insignificant detail at the time when you are busy arranging the funds for your home purchase, but, you must also know about the quality of water that flows through the taps in that particular area. A friend of mine has to shift from one location to another in Delhi because the water quality in that area was so poor that she has to use water from her RO to wash her hair. The volume of her thick-shiny-dark here receded significantly during her two-year stay in the locality. Fortunately, she was living in that area in rented house and moving out was easy.

Another quite reliable source of information could be a person who is already living in that project. However, this is a task which is easier said than done. You would possibly not like to knock on every door and expect them to give to detailed answers to your queries. We live in times where not many people have the time to answer the queries of a stranger. An alternative source of information in such a case could be the staff employed in the project. The agent might tell you that the area has 24x7 power and water supply. However, the guard sitting at the front gate is another no obligation to sugarcoat it for you. He would tell you exactly what issues surround the project. If you get them talking, they can also give you a fair idea of the vicinity, too.

Nearby shopkeepers, venders, hawkers, etc., are some other useful sources of information you should seriously listen to before you make a final decision.

- by Sunita Mishra
Source : PropTiger

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