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Homebuyers, Being Tech-Savvy May Not Be Optional Any More

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Homebuyers, Being Tech-Savvy May Not Be Optional Any More
Homebuyers, Being Tech-Savvy May Not Be Optional Any More
We often hear them say people are increasingly depending on the internet to buy property. A large part of the R&D (research and development) is carried out using online channels before the need to work offline arises. If one were to do all this work in the real world applying physical labour, this would have been taxing, killing the joys that a buyer derives from the idea of becoming a property owner. Developers and property brokers seem to be taking this oft-circulated news – which is backed by data and supported by trends – seriously. Even small brokers who operate from tiny offices in dingy lanes of their cities are trying to explore the opportunity the internet offers them. In case they are not able to go online themselves, they seek assistance of big players who are growing plenty in numbers. The popularity of the online channels among developers is evident from the fact that many of them conduct online sale of certain projects where they offer buyer a bigger-better deal. Such units cannot be bought using the offline mode.

For these two parties, remaining offline is no more an option. Under the norms laid by the real estate law, every developer must register himself with the state regulatory authority; the same is true of advisors, too. The only party that can still carry out the business in an entirely physical form is the homebuyers. Some of them are really internet shy and find it difficult to trust the virtual world to make a purchase that would possibly be the biggest purchase of their entire lives. Nurturing these sentiments may not be a healthy choice, and you may like to change your attitude towards the internet in the coming times.

Here is something that should help you change your mind.

* Online property advisors are working aggressively to ensure that the entire purchase process could be carried out online. This would mean end of all physical efforts as we know today. Being technologically challenged may not remain an option for you in the times to come.

* Civic bodies are speeding up work to offer more and more services online. Being tech-savvy does not remain optional at a time when more and more businesses are being carried out online.

* There are monetary benefits of being tech-friendly. The time and energy you invest in going places physically are saved when you take a tour of properties using the internet. Even if you do not plan to depend entirely on the internet to carry out the transaction, you could certainly do your homework using online channels.

-by Sunita Mishra
Source : PropTiger

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