How Good Is India For Expats

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How Good Is India For Expats

How Good Is India For Expats

These rankings are based on the overall experience, including lifestyle, relocation, finance, tax, ease of doing business etc. India has been ranked variedly on different parameters. For example in case of wage growth, India is at the 20th position while on the parameter of economic confidence the country ranks 10. When it comes to entrepreneurship, India is number four and seventh when it comes to career progression. Work-life balance is poor as India stands at the 38th position while in job security that rank is 20th.

Property and living
Renting or buying a property in India can be a tedious task for most expats. India stands at the 37th position on this parameter. In terms of safety, the ranking is 30. However, when it comes to a cosmopolitan living and assimilation or integration, India fares well, being third on the list. Also, expats find India suitable to provide education to their children, too. India is placed well at the 10th position on this parameter. In case of childcare quality the ranking falls to 16 and the overall cost of raising children stands at number 15.  Even if the cost may look on the higher end, the report says, “India is home to the second largest percentage of high-earning expats in the world. In general, salaries go further and expats enjoy a higher standard of living than they did back home.”  A good 31 per cent of these expats own a home in India and 49 per cent of these are in the age group of 35-54 years.

Salaries and employability
The report says that an expat’s disposable income in India amounts to $176,408, annually.  The top areas of work include construction and engineering, financial services, telecom, IT and internet.   About 27 per cent of these expats said that organising their finances was difficult during their early days in the country. This figure rose to 31 per cent for expats earning more than $2 lakh a year. Some of the biggest challenges that the survey mentioned was having financial commitments in both home and host country, juggling finances in different currencies, moving money between countries, having more money to manage, and dealing with a more complex tax situation.

Work and business
In the World Bank’s 2017 Ease of Doing Business Survey, India was ranked at 130th position out of 190 countries. “Government bureaucracy and poor infrastructure are major obstacles, along with enforcing contracts and paying taxes,” the report read. It also says that while economic expansion has slowed over the past few years, the future remains bright and businesses continue to invest in the country. Industries that are flourishing include outsourcing, telecommunications, construction, education and retail.

- by Sneha Sharon Mammen

Source : PropTiger

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